7 Powerful Video Marketing Ideas for Contractors


Are you a contractor, remodeler, or home builder aiming to expand your business this year? You could be missing out if you haven’t explored video marketing yet. Video has become a powerhouse tool for construction companies, enhancing social engagement, driving website traffic, and effectively converting leads. 

Here are seven top ideas to kickstart your video marketing strategy:

1. Job Site Videos

Take your audience behind the scenes with job site videos. Showcasing the craftsmanship, challenges, and dedication involved in your projects educates potential clients and positions your team as skilled experts. These videos are perfect for sharing on platforms like Instagram and Facebook Stories to give a real-time glimpse into your work.

2. Meet the Team Videos

Introduce your team through short videos that highlight each member’s role, expertise, and personality. Share their hobbies and interests to humanize your
business. Prospective clients will feel more connected and confident knowing the
faces behind the work they’re considering.

3. About the Company Videos

Share your company’s story and values. Whether you’re a multi-generational business, have a unique focus, or a strong community connection, storytelling helps build familiarity and trust. Highlight what sets your company apart and why clients should choose you.

4. Case Study Videos

Humans love stories, especially success stories. Turn your project successes intocompelling narratives with case study videos. Showcase challenges overcome, solutions provided, and the positive outcomes achieved. These videos resonate deeply with potential clients facing similar renovation or construction decisions.

5. Process Videos

Demystify the client journey with process videos. Outline what clients can expect from initial consultation to project completion. Address common concerns and questions to alleviate anxieties and build confidence in your professionalism and approach.

6. What to Expect Videos

Set clear expectations with “What to Expect” videos. Detail what clients should anticipate during different stages of their project, from material selection meetings to construction phases. Managing

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